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Henry Dukes proves law enforcement is about helping people first

Lexington County, SC (Angelica Iglesias) - Henry Dukes of Dukes Investigations and Consulting L.L.C. has over 35 years of law enforcement experience. Henry will not tell you that choosing him as your private investigator is best, but that choosing one with law enforcement experience is. PIs with law enforcement experience have training that the average PI just cannot understand.

Henry was a military brat who bounced around before settling in Rowesville, SC. Coming from a military and law enforcement family, he knew he wanted to help people and started at the Orangeburg County Sheriff's Department.

"As an officer, you've got to be willing to help the suspect just as much as the victim," Henry said. He understands that the law enforcement and judicial systems can sometimes hurt innocent people and can put someone who made a mistake in a very bad situation. He knows there is ugly in the world because he has seen a lot of it, but he chooses to see the beautiful in it instead.

Dukes went on to join the Lexington County Sheriff's Department where he started their Fugitive Task Force. He then joined the United States Marshals Service where he sought out and handled violent fugitives. If you google Henry's name, you will find story after story of all the criminals he has helped stop.

Henry recalled one story where a man escaped from a work detail while serving a one-year jail term for failing to pay child support. In Alabama, a man by the same name died in a bar fight. The judge in Lexington County saw a clip from the local Alabama newspaper and ruled the case closed due to the man's death. Nearly 25 years later, the man was found alive and living in Myrtle Beach. Henry helped bring that man back to Lexington County to serve his time.

That incident is a mild one compared to the things Henry handled as a U.S. Marshal. With the United States Marshal Service, he went all over the world finding and capturing violent fugitives.

Dukes retired from the Calhoun County Sheriff's Department as Lieutenant over investigations in January of 2015. He started Dukes Investigations and Consulting L.L.C. right after his retirement. Helping people has always been the priority in Henry's career; he knew with his skill set he could continue that help as a private investigator.

"It's not always about money, but about the impact you can make," Henry said. As a private investigator, he believes he can continue to impact lives. He always tells the truth and focuses on giving his customers answers. If someone comes to him with a problem he is not certain he can solve, he will send them to someone he knows can.

Today, Henry lives in West Columbia and has three sons, one daughter, and one granddaughter. His wife of ten years is a school teacher in Irmo. Following in their father's law enforcement footsteps, one son is a deputy with the Calhoun County Sheriff's Department and another has just joined the Air Force. Jeffery, Henry's pet Jack Russell terrier, is also like a son to him and doubles as the business financial advisor.

"When the answer counts, count on Dukes Investigations," Henry's business slogan reads. People know they can count on him to help them get the answers they need. If you need a private investigator or think you might need one, Henry can be reached at (803) 727-9648.