Need information to help gain custody of your child?

Hire a private investigator in Lexington, Columbia, Aiken, and Camden, SC to gather evidence for your child custody case

We complete comprehensive and court-admissible child custody investigations in Lexington, Columbia, Aiken, and Camden, SC. When dealing with a child custody battle, you need a private investigator who will go the extra mile to discover if your child's non-custodial parent is neglectful or abusive. Our private investigators will collect information from surveillance and background checks that can prove your child is not being cared for sufficiently or safely.

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Understanding child custody

It's critical that the parent hiring the private investigator understand the types of child custody.

  • Legal custody - the right to make legal decisions on behalf of your child
  • Physical custody - the right to reside with your child

Either legal or physical custody can be either sole or joint:

  • Sole custody - parent has primary role in child's life
  • Joint custody - parents share responsibility

Use our child custody investigation services to protect your child

We use GPS tracking to discover where your child is at all times. At Dukes Investigations & Consulting, we gather evidence the right way, creating evidence that is court-admissible during your child custody case. We understand the importance of child custody battles, and we have the experience you need to gather the necessary evidence.

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