What is a private investigator?

A private investigator uses surveillance and detective techniques to gather useful and court-admissible evidence about a person or situation in question. At Dukes Investigations and Consulting, our private investigators have an observant eye and an analytical mind that can be applied to a variety of cases.

Do I need a private investigator?

If you're asking, the answer is most likely yes. The most dangerous information is the information you don't know. During a private investigation, we can obtain information on whereabouts, identity, actions, and much more about the person of interest. We will secure your evidence so that it is useful for a criminal or civil proceeding. Our private investigators document only the facts.

How long does a background check take?

The depth of a background and circumstances for the information needed will determine the time frame of receiving the results. Contact us today to discuss the details of a background check.

How long does a private investigation take?

The length of a private investigation is different for each case because each case is unique. Call and speak with one of our investigators with basic information about your case so that we will be able to determine a better time frame for your investigation.

What technology do you use for your private investigations?

Our private investigators use GPS tracking services, cameras, background checks, and multiple data bases.

What licensing, experience, and qualifications do you have?

Private investigators are required in the state of South Carolina to obtain and maintain a PI license issued and regulated by our State Law Enforcement Division (SLED). Our firm employs private investigators with both law enforcement experience and legal experience.

How much do you charge?

Our rate is $55.00 an hour however, each case is unique requiring different amounts of time and resources. Call and speak with one of our private investigators to find out what will be needed to successfully conduct your investigation and the fee associated with it.