Unsure of who you are sharing dinner with this weekend?

Dukes Investigations & Consulting LLC can dig up the dirt with a background check on your love interest

If you are new to the dating scene or have been involved in negative dating experiences, you should consider getting a background check before you go on a date with a stranger. Meeting up with someone you don't know can be dangerous. In this digital age, the online dating environment permits catfishing, omitting important facts about your history, and lying about your past. Make sure you know all of the details about your love interest's history before you invest your time and risk your safety by contacting us for a background check.

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A typical background check will cover:

  • Personal & professional history
  • Financial information
  • Criminal records
  • Employment history
  • Civil records
  • Credit scores
  • Social media

Background investigations are tailored to your areas of concern and the information you want to know before proceeding with any situation. Whatever the situation may be, working with a professional private investigator in Lexington, Columbia, Aiken & Camden, SC will ensure that you receive accurate and reliable information.

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