Suspect an affair?

Hire a private investigator in Lexington, Columbia, Aiken, and Camden, SC to find out the truth

If you think your spouse is having an affair, trust Dukes Investigations & Consulting to uncover the truth. We complete reliable infidelity investigations in the Lexington, Columbia, Aiken, and Camden area. We collect evidence that will help...

  • Determine alimony, division of marital property, and payments in the divorce settlement.
  • Decide custody and visitation arrangements.
  • Give you peace of mind.

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What happens during an infidelity investigation?

Based on the needs of your case, our private investigations will vary. But, an investigation of a suspected cheating spouse often includes:

  • Discussion with the client - A private investigator will meet with you to gather information about the spouse in question. The more information you share regarding your spouse's regular hobbies and activities, the more successful our private investigation will be. You can trust that all information you provide will be handled with respect and confidentiality.
  • Surveillance - Your spouse will be watched by a private investigator to gain information and evidence. Methods used include tracking your spouse's vehicle, monitoring internet activity, and searching their assets.

Your suspicions could be correct about your cheating partner in Lexington, Columbia, Aiken, and Camden, SC

We understand the difficult time that you face when you suspect a cheating partner. We are dedicated to finding the truth and obtaining the answers you deserve. You can trust your case information will be confidential and your privacy will be protected. Our private investigation services provide the information you need from move forward with your life. Our investigators have 35 years of law enforcement experience and can handle any case you have.

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